Vitality Companion Book

This book was written to serve those who were inspired by the movie Vitality and now want to know more about how to help themselves. It is a general 10,000 foot view of health with many basic lifestyle tips that have been shown to be helpful for people.

Please understand that this isn’t designed to diagnose or treat specific disease. Work with your healthcare practitioner if you have a specific need. Use this book as a general guideline for health and use it to inspire yourself and move ahead with goals that will serve you.

Use the companion workbook to help establish goals for your 100 Day Vitality Challenge.


10.00 € + vat

Vitality is a bold project which stares directly in the face of our current health care system and challenges us to wake up to our personal stake in health.

It is a movie containing interviews with renowned experts in the fields of health, wellness, spirituality, and yoga, this documentary wakes us up to the relationship between health and consciousness.

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