5 Minutes a Day, Melt Your Stress Away

The Healing Touch Quick Steps – Powerful Things You Can Do Instantly to Bring Your Body into Harmony® in this video are the Top 10 Quick Steps Barbara J. Semple recommends to get you started. Create an easy stress relief habit with these proven and effective hand placements that are based on universal wisdom Jin Shin Jyutsu® and Eastern traditions.

In full color with soothing healing music and beautiful visuals, this 45-minute video invites you to follow the author and her models as they show you 10 Healing Touch Quick Steps, explaining body symptoms that each quick step helps to harmonize. And, apply “that one thing”  Barbara suggested her husband do for the rest of his life that changed his chest bone. Begin unburdening and supporting your thriving life.


45.00 € + vat

This video includes a convenient Pocket-Sized Reference Guide PDF of the Top 10 Quick Steps with full color pictures that you can print out.

If you are someone challenged by health concerns, you might need extra energy. You are busy caring for family, pets, work, commuting, and life just fills up. This video will have you energizing and harmonizing your body within 5 minutes.

"Barbara Semple has assembled one of the best collections of self-healing tips anywhere. She is the strongest health advocate I have ever met.” Richard L. Shames, M.D., practicing physician, author of Thyroid Power and Feeling Fat, Fuzzy or Frazzled

“I recommend every stressed-out exec, entrepreneur, businessperson, bus driver, schoolteacher, construction worker, and mother, basically everybody, try these Quick Steps.”  Stefanie Hartman, CEO, SHE Inc.

“I immediately felt energy going to my incisions. I am sure the Healing Touch Quick Step Barbara gave me to do on myself and have my sister help me with had a positive influence on my recovery from surgery.”  Vesta Armstrong, Attorney at Law

“I have been waking up in the middle of the night with anxiety attacks. After a 30-minute session with Barbara, I feel like I am in my body for the first time in 6 months. I chose the quick step for insomnia. I have noted in my journal that on the nights I remember to use it, I seemed to have slept longer and without interruption.” Kim Denise, Graphic Artist and Mother of 3

“The quick reference card is easy to use. By following the directions I have been able to relieve neck discomforts, stomach cramps, and the stresses of daily living.” Rosemary Dyke, Retired Registered Nurse

The next time you reach for facial tissue or a bandage and herbs when you are sick, relax and watch this video, too. With a lifetime of benefits available by connecting with your body’s natural system of healing, relieve stress and tension, which opens infinite possibilities easily and gracefully for your joyful health including:

1. Increasing circulation
2. Improving digestion and elimination
3. Boosting your immune system
4. Balancing your emotions
5. Encouraging weight balance
6. Toning your skin for a natural face lift
7. Relaxing to sleep
8. Reviving mental clarity and a sense of deep peace.

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