Stop Trading Your Time for Money Online Program

Create your Next Chapter in Life by turning your life experience, health or business knowledge into Online Profits, teaching others what you know. Share your knowledge via e-books, physical books (becoming an author), on stage (speaker, seminar leader), or online downloadable courses (Entrepreneur) – we’ll show you how.


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Unlike a typical 9am -5pm job, you can make unlimited revenue and stop trading your time for money and trade your VALUE instead.  Earn while you sleep as people all over the world purchase your programs online. YOU dictate what you will earn and HOW many hours you will work!

FROM CONCEPT TO COMPLETION! There is no other system which is as complete as this online program and allows you to you mold this revenue system to fit your lifestyle like this one!   Make a six (or even seven) figure income, inspire other people and leave behind a legacy that rewards and recognizes you . . . by simply sharing your learned or natural insights and wisdom with the world!

We’ve taught everyone from Consultants, Doctors, Retiring C.E.O’s of large companies, Entrepreneurs, Best-Selling Authors, Olympic Athletes, Former Oprah Show Guests, Celebrity Music Producers to Women returning to work post baby.

This program includes 7 full modules of training that you can take at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home in either 7 months or 7 weeks. Each Module is filled with audio classes, documents, PDF samples, templates, and action steps so you know EXACTLY what to do that month.

Here is a VIDEO that gives you case studies of how ordinary people make money in 30 days and talks about what is in this program. 


Here's a Sneak Peak Behind the Curtains at What You Will Discover Deep Inside My 'Stop Trading Your Time For Money™ Program'

Gain a high six figure – multi-million dollar business with little to no staff...

Module One: Your Expertise is Your Business

Right from the get-go we mean business... and in this module, you will learn how to discover your expertise and then how to turn it into a viable business. Every person is unique, learn the success systems that help you build a business based on your personality. From creating your marketing plan, to planning your products, to developing what your business will look like, you will create your plan for your company and map out your profit centers.

Build Your Brand & Business

  • Discover how to define your expertise and develop your core product.
  • How to use free and paid for information products to build your expertise and a viable business.
  • How to find out what people want to buy - before you sell to them.
  • Locate your target market. Identify your ideal customer.
  • How to build your marketing plan to suit your desired lifestyle and business goals. (Automate your business, position to sell your business in 5 yrs, become a speaker, best-selling author or trainer or build an online business)
  • Discover why the Marketing Funnel is so important to Millionaire Experts and create your own. (This alone helped an expert Stefanie worked with sell over $600K in product sales in 1 weekend)
  • How to create credibility and rapport with buyers in less than 5 mins.
  • Build your behind the scenes Profit Centers - what they are and how they can make you financially free while taking little time and effort to create.
  • Choose the Business Model that suits your Lifestyle.
  • Obtain the tools necessary for entrepreneurs and experts to create a virtual & viable business.
  • How to create a virtual business for $10 bucks a month.
  • How to automate your Marketing.
  • How to write powerful copy that sells (even if you're not a writer).
  • Designing your website to generate leads and create sales.
  • How to get people to open up your emails.
  • How to use the power of automation and the Internet to create loyalty and build personal relationships with your customers (even when you're not around).
  • How to manage your leads through automated sales people.

   I want you to know that, for the first time, I KNOW I can do this, thank you again. Wow!  
    - Althea Dixon

Module Two: Creating & Positioning Your Products

Want to make money within right away? Use your expertise or get other experts to do the work for you, and even build your database for you – all where you gain revenue and don’t pay a dime!  Get started in product creation and how to position the sale of your core product over the phone to first time buyers.  Receive the two most powerful things you will need to boost your credibility and spike your sales. This low cost marketing piece is the KEY to gaining the ability to write your own pay check whenever you desire. Get the 1 hour Telephone Seminar/Webinar structure that can help you create products from scratch and how to use them to help sell, sell, sell.  Keep your customers in “active listening mode” and light up your phone lines with orders.  The info on just this training class alone DOUBLED many client’s sales overnight. Armed with this knowledge you can actually predict how much money you will make with each call. 

Module Three: Setting Up Shop

Obtain the tools necessary to create a Virtual Business for $10/month.  Receive Helpful Resources to automate your business and learn how to create powerful websites that you’ll need for your online sales and lead generation. Get some   Copywriting secrets plus as a special bonus, you will also get an additional class on How to Create Joint Ventures That Make You Money

Making Money with Information Products, the Internet & Back-End Sales Systems

  • Why Product Positioning can make or break you (how you position your expertise and your products is more important than the copy you write or ads you create).
  • A fun, easy system to write your book even if you failed English class.
  • Key resources that Stefanie and her clients use to create low cost or no cost products and sell for 400% mark-up
  • How to test your product concept or titles for success.
  • How to successfully sell your product without feeling like a 'salesperson'.
  • How the sales process differs for higher end products and for lower priced ones.
  • How to create something once and have it spin off into multiple products and lead generating tools.
  • Low cost ways to create your information product.
  • How to create 'High Perceived Market Value' for your product so people gladly pay you top dollar.
  • Secret structure and formula, which when followed will increase your product sales, and keep your audience riveted and wanting more. (This one secret formula has been the breakthrough for many of Stefanie's clients, who immediately went from zero product sales to $100K and more right away - all without changing the product).

Module Four: Marketing & Sales I

You will be learning about a ton of effective marketing techniques, with the purpose of generating leads, selling more product during sales opportunities, building promotions and how to increase revenues for your business through additional back end sales structure.  You will also be learning the most important aspect of any marketing plan...that being strategy.  You’ll find out why strategy is KING.

Module Five: Marketing & Sales II

Pick from a vast buffet of proven Marketing Strategies. You will also find templates for your 12 – 24 month Action Plan, a Continuancy™ Program, and your (CES) Customer Evolution Program to automate your marketing, sales and client care (customer service) positions.   As a special bonus you will get an extra bonus class this Module with an expert focusing on Internet Marketing Techniques, including information on how to increase traffic to your websites, Blogs, Podcasting, Advertising Online and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Arsenal of Marketing & Sales Techniques

  • You will receive your arsenal/buffet of Marketing Strategies and Techniques.
  • Create your 1-2 year Action Plan.
  • Templates and Checklists.
  • Internet Marketing Techniques.
  • How to create a blog and why you need one.
  • The secrets of Search Engine Optimization.
  • The run-down on Pay-Per-Click Campaigns.
  • How to have people begging to do business with you.
  • The key difference that you need to know between selling in person versus selling over the phone.
  • The essential low cost marketing piece that is the KEY to gaining the ability to write your own pay check whenever you desire.
  • How to advertise your services with little or no money.
  • How 'Incentive Marketing' can transform your business overnight.
  • How to generate unlimited qualified leads/customers from multiple sources.
  • How to simplify your sales process while up-selling customers with ease.
  • The most effective way to use testimonials that will sell your product/service for you and engage your customer.
  • Marketing Checklist and Marketing Principles for success.
  • New! How to create a TeleSeminar Series of other speakers (earn $3k - $10k & 1000 leads per month) ($2495 Value)
  • Follow the 8-Pillars of Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Principles, Strategies, Checklists and Planning Templates
  • How to give something away FREE yet still make money on it.
  • How to build your database from scratch.
  • How to create Strategic Alliances and Joint Venture Partners.
  • Self-publishing benefits versus publishing house practices.
  • Powerful tips and templates so you can hit the pavement running.
  • Discover how to generate leads, sell more product during sales opportunities, build promotions.
  • How to increase revenues for your business through additional back end sales structure.
  • How to get other people to sell your product for you - without any upfront expenses.
  • How to pre-sell your product before you pay the cost of creating it.
  • How to design email campaigns that will identify your target market and have them chasing you.
  • How to price your products and services.
  • New! How to make your book #1 Bestseller on Amazon ($2995 Value).

  ONE session with Stefanie and my platform sales doubled overnight! 
   - Lisa Cherney, Speaker


Module Six: Speaking & Seminars

Learn how to build your platform as an expert in your field. Adding speaking to your marketing plan is one of the fastest ways to build your credibility and get known (aside from TV and Radio).  Getting out and speaking to people in person builds your reputation, creates memories in the minds of your audience, and is a magnet for publicity from local press and allows you to make $20K  - $80K or more in one day through back of room sales.   In this module you will learn everything you need to increase your bottom line as a speaker from how to find speaking engagements, how to take full advantage of local press, how to negotiate with meeting planners, what to have at your sales table, whether to use PowerPoint, flip charts or nothing at all, to gathering contacts who don’t buy and how to create even more sales after the event. You will also be able to put your speakers kit together online and offline.

Once you get a taste of speaking you may decide to create your own events.  Whether you want to create paid or free training workshops where you are the teacher (and the star) or you want to organize an event where you bring in other speakers, you will receive the information to design a powerful presentation from A to Z plus receive some organizer tips to keep your audience having fun, learning tons and maintaining a buying mood!

  • How to prepare for a speaking engagement.
  • How to get your customers to find speaking engagements for you.
  • Booth Strategy (how to get people to visit your booth and spend money).
  • Booth set-up and checklist.
  • What to include in your contract.
  • How to generate incredible gifts for people visiting your booth that don't cost you a cent.
  • How to bond with your audience to breakthrough objections and sales barriers.
  • How to determine what to sell at different engagements.
  • New! Speakers Kit Template ($795 Value)
  • How to sell a product or gather leads from speaking engagements where you are officially not allowed to sell.
  • What to negotiate and ask for with meeting planners in order to set yourself up for maximum sales. (Failure to ask for these essentials will cost you thousands of dollars in lost sales).
  • How to test future products from your audience.
  • How to create a call to action sales presentation that will literally have people running to the back of the room to hand you their credit card.
  • How to earn up to $25,000 a weekend or more with your own seminars!
  • Designing a powerful program from A-Z.

Module Seven: Capitalizing on Media Exposure

Have you dreamt of having your own syndicated column? Or seeing your picture and an article written about in a magazine? Or being interviewed by a TV Personality on a show?  Don’t worry, this is not that hard to master.  the media is in the business of looking for experts - they need you!  This Module has a lot of material, you will be learning about Television, Radio, Articles and Press Releases. You will also be able to put your media kit together online & offline.


  I guarantee you will receive €100,000 Euros worth of training from this program!  
   - Dr. Scott Brown 

This Module has a lot of material on all of those things, you will be learning about Television, Radio, Articles and Press Releases. You will also be shown how to put your Media Kit together.

Capitalizing on Media Exposure

  • How to get unlimited free advertising from the media.
  • How to write and submit free Press Releases.
  • How to get Radio/TV interviews.
  • How to sell your product to the audience during interviews without a sales presentation.
  • How to use articles in the media and through other companies to get you mass exposure to your target market.
  • How to generate leads through articles.
  • New! Media Kit Template ($795 Value)

…..and much, much, more!

Say Good-Bye To The 40-Hour Work Week & Endless Commute!

Gain powerful strategies and easy to follow
templates so you can hit the pavement running!!

Stop trading your TIME for money and begin getting paid what you’re really WORTH!

The Price of the program is :  Gold level Was €3858.18  ($4,997)SAVE BIG U Members! Now Only €2027.00  or 3 monthly payments of €675.

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At the BigU events you will acquire mindset that leads to success, prosperity, abundance and wealth. You will learn how to liberate against negativity, doubt, suspicion, and how to free yourself of all restrictions that keeps you where you are currently. All in a fun and useful way. In addition, you will build an invaluable network of friends and mentors who will help you succeed.

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