Partnering & Promoting With iTunes

In just a few short hours, you'll know exactly how to podcast to increase traffic, sell products, create mini radio shows, and get a loyal following. AND, you won't just learn the whys - by the end of the month, your podcasts will be ready, created and getting you RESULTS!

We’ll even teach you step-by- step how to partner with iTunes for FREE and build a list of 100,000 people in 12 – 16 months. 


299.00 € + vat

Our famous podcast training where walk you through step—by—step how to put podcasts together and get the attention of over 25 million people (and that number keeps growing each quarter).  What we will do that is unique is that we’re going to hand-hold you through the creation of 20 podcasts through YOUR OWN PODCAST CHANNEL.  Yes that’s right before you know it, you will have at minimum 20 completed podcasts DONE on your own popular channel!

We will also take advantage of the iTunes store and give you a template where my client sold $500,000 (yes that’s half a million) of product through this audio template in 7 monthsTogether we will create your own iTunes audio product that will SELL for $9.95 in iTunes PLUS  — here’s the great part — it will strategically upsell any high ticket item you want for your business!  We can sell something you already have or something brand new (consulting time, your business service, your business product, an event – we can help you decide that as well).

By the way – it only took your unknown podcast instructor just over 1 year to gain almost 400,000 subscribers to his podcast – a podcast where he isn’t even an expert – he’s just the interviewer.  Image what you could do with a following of 400,000?

BigU Events for a complete life transformation

At the BigU events you will acquire mindset that leads to success, prosperity, abundance and wealth. You will learn how to liberate against negativity, doubt, suspicion, and how to free yourself of all restrictions that keeps you where you are currently. All in a fun and useful way. In addition, you will build an invaluable network of friends and mentors who will help you succeed.

Get the BigU Academy Master Certificate


To acquire the BigU Academy Master Certificate you have to have completed the programs and acquired the following certificates:

    • BigU Life System Certification e-Course
    • BigU Breakthrough Conference
    • BigU Global Entrepreneurship Conference
    • BigU Inner Circle Coaching Cruise

Spletna stran uporablja piškotke za boljše delovanje

Z brskanjem po naši spletni strani se strinjate, da lahko uporabljamo piškotke, ki so namenjeni vaši boljši uporabniški izkušnji na naši spletni strani. Za lastne potrebe analitike uporabljamo Google Analytics, ki v ta namen namesti piškotke (izbriši GA piškotke). Več o piškotkih.