Step-By-Step Strategy on How to Sell Thousands of Euros of Products Over the Phone or Web

The Earning Power of Webinars and Teleseminars!

This is THE EXACT FORMULA that had one speaker earn $500,000 in 7 months on the PHONE to clients – after he GAVE UP trying out of frustration. It's time to get started in positioning the sale of your core product over the phone to first time buyers. In this training you will learn about the Earning Power of Webinars and TeleSeminars (seminars over the phone and internet).


149.00 € + vat

Stefanie created this formula after months of study of why some people SOLD products and others did not – even if it was the SAME PRODUCT.

This low cost marketing piece is the KEY to gaining the ability to write your own pay check whenever you desire. During the training class – we focus on how TeleSeminars can help you create products from scratch and how to use them to help sell, sell, sell. It is a versatile marketing piece that Stefanie finds the biggest hole in her client’s pocket book. Stefanie will teach you how to keep your customers in “active listening mode” and how to light up your phone lines with orders. The info on just this training class alone can make a dramatic difference in your sales overnight.

Note: Everyone in the industry talks about the dreaded “hang-ups” or “low volume” after the first 20 mins on a call. Stefanie has heard this and laughs – she knows EXACTLY why this is common and where THEY are going wrong. She laughs because supposed “guru’s” in this industry (expensive guru’s who instruct TeleSeminars) are all making this mistake and quoting this statistic. You will soon be laughing yourself – all the way to the bank!

Armed with this knowledge of how to sell – and we mean massive sales – with this method you can actually predict how much money you will make with each call. Need a house? New car? New wardrobe or anything else – you can literally write yourself a pay check with every phone interview you set-up.

To be prepared for this training, have your first or core product in mind so you can listen to the training and think about how you can apply the formula to position your product.  If you don't have a core product yet tha check out the product creation program.

BigU Events for a complete life transformation

At the BigU events you will acquire mindset that leads to success, prosperity, abundance and wealth. You will learn how to liberate against negativity, doubt, suspicion, and how to free yourself of all restrictions that keeps you where you are currently. All in a fun and useful way. In addition, you will build an invaluable network of friends and mentors who will help you succeed.

Get the BigU Academy Master Certificate


To acquire the BigU Academy Master Certificate you have to have completed the programs and acquired the following certificates:

    • BigU Life System Certification e-Course
    • BigU Breakthrough Conference
    • BigU Global Entrepreneurship Conference
    • BigU Inner Circle Coaching Cruise

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