Your Soul Purpose BluePrint

Your stress, pain or money problems are not caused by what you've been told and the solution is not what you think. In this downloadable program you will finally uncover your SOUL PURPOSE BLUEPRINT and start living that great destiny for which you were born.


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We've been taught the exact  REVERSE of how life works

  • Did you know that stress and emotional pain is NOT caused by external issues, but by the battle between who you really are and the false ideas you've been brainwashed to believe about yourself?
  • Did you know financial problems are NOT caused by a lack of what's coming to you, but a lack of what you're allowing to come through you - because you've been conditioned to believe you're not enough, don't have enough, or need something outside to 'complete you'?
  • Did you know most relationship issues (feeling unloved, unappreciated, resentful, alone) are directly related to being disconnected from your soul's purpose – which is the seat of your self-worth, authentic power, and indestructible value?

It's Not Your Fault

You've been bombarded by messages from the moment you were born, telling you what you can't do, who you can't be, and what's not possible – and, as a coping mechanism to protect this precious core, you began to close off parts of your authentic, powerful, brilliant, gorgeously outrageous self!

So is it any wonder that you've struggled to know who and what you are and the great purpose you were born for? And even when you've become aware of what might be possible, is it any wonder why you've had a hard time accepting your potential and really going for it?

Re-connecting to your Soul Purpose Blueprint – that divine DNA — and bringing your life back into alignment with it will heal those lifelong traumas, and re-integrate those buried treasures, so that you'll never be a victim of circumstances again.

We Can't Heal What We Don't Feel,
So Let's Get Honest For a Moment...

  • Are you sick of working a job that smothers your spirit?
  • Do you struggle to know what you're really meant to do?
  • Do you doubt you have what it takes to make it?
  • Are you afraid of what others will think if you do?
  • Do you rarely have the time to pursue your passion?
  • Are you tired of not making a living doing what you love?

What has it cost you to remain unclear or disconnected? What has it done to your mental, emotional, and even physical health? Remember, most stress is caused by the battle between our authentic soul purpose and our resistance to it.

How has this inner discontent impacted your happiness, your connection to others, and your opportunities in the world? What will it cost you if things remain the same… a month from now… a year from now… five years from now?

Really let yourself see and feel the price you’ve paid for not knowing who you really are, why you’re alive – and not living it fully. You can’t get to where you want to go until you’re willing to honestly feel where you’re at now.

And if you’re waiting for things to change ‘out there,’ you’ll be waiting forever. Whatever you’re waiting for, you’re waiting with, and you’re weighing it down – because life happens through you, not to you.

In speaking to tens of thousands of people from all over the world, one thing Derek knows for sure is that everyone has a powerful purpose trying to emerge in their life – including YOU.

But what he also discovered is that most people's attempts to tap into their purpose – and many programs that teach this — are missing some very critical components, without which, you will never know the answer.

This is THE FIRST PROGRAM to deal with these core reasons people fail to develop the clarity and commitment necessary for uncovering and fulfilling their soul purpose.

In this BRAND NEW PROGRAM you will finally uncover your SOUL PURPOSE BLUEPRINT and start living that great destiny for which you were born.

But it's more than just information.  EVERY RECORDING IS ENCODED WITH A HEALING FREQUENCY. Just by listening, you will begin to dissolve the limited beliefs, unconscious blocks, and negative energy that have been holding you back.

In this transformational system, you will:

  • Realize your Soul Purpose Profile, that unique pattern being projected all around you, carrying your soul signature – but which we rarely see.
  • Connect with The Heartbreak Bridge, that deeper mission of your heart that holds a powerful clue to your purpose.
  • Discover your Soul Purpose Archetypal Patterns - that authentic expression of your talents, gifts, or abilities.
  • Uncover your Vision Blinders – those unconscious commitments blocking you from clearly seeing and fully committing to your highest purpose.
  • Learn The 3 Soul Purpose Pillars, the three parts of a True Vision that must be established to achieve your Soul Purpose.
  • Clearly see The 7 Soul Purpose Perceptions, the 7 windows through which we see life — and through which our purpose fulfills itself.
  • Tap into your Soul Purpose Power Source, a process that activates your sacred fuel and makes you truly unstoppable in achieving your vision.
  • Develop The Quantum Plan, which will show you how to create your Soul Purpose Compass, become a One Minute Mystic, have The Greatest Day of Your Life, and design The Year That Changes Everything.
BigU Events for a complete life transformation

At the BigU events you will acquire mindset that leads to success, prosperity, abundance and wealth. You will learn how to liberate against negativity, doubt, suspicion, and how to free yourself of all restrictions that keeps you where you are currently. All in a fun and useful way. In addition, you will build an invaluable network of friends and mentors who will help you succeed.

Get the BigU Academy Master Certificate


To acquire the BigU Academy Master Certificate you have to have completed the programs and acquired the following certificates:

    • BigU Life System Certification e-Course
    • BigU Breakthrough Conference
    • BigU Global Entrepreneurship Conference
    • BigU Inner Circle Coaching Cruise

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