Private Joint Venture Club

Join a Online Community of people who will help you promote your business or find business opportunities here! Instead of a DATING website, this is a business to consumer and business to business match-making community.  It even includes match-making software to get you what you need.


77.00 € + vat

What Thomson Financial calls this business concept “the Most Powerful Trend in the History of Business!”. Forbes Magazine says “Goodbye Mergers, corporate alliances keep companies growing”.

In The Private Joint Venture Club we've blended this powerful and profitable marketing strategy with a devoted community of high profile global business connections…The Result: Massive Business Profits & Way More Fun!

Joint Venture Training - JV All The Way To The Bank in Private JV Club!  How to see JV opportunities, identify great partners and create deals that will help you turn the vision for your business into a reality.

Once you learn how to control the colossal power of Joint Ventures you will…

  • Become the Business or Represented Thought Leader in your niche or field.
  • Gain Massive Exposure.
  • Attain Instant Credibility.

And of course…Multiply your Profits immediately and create the position of Unlimited Profit Potential no matter what the economy is doing.

Life-Changing Business Alliances. This Business GROWTH STRATEGY was named the “Most powerful Marketing Strategy on the Planet” by Forbes Magazine to sell more products & build your database of new customers. The questions surrounding this hot topic seem never-ending. So once and for all we’re going deep into Alliances & Promotional Partners, and together we will Identify YOUR best possible partners, help you build rapport, and strategize & help you through closing the deal.  You will walk away with Partner list & strategies and knock on wood — some business deals happening!

Are you ready too …

  • Get advice for your business or your product launch or what type of JV’s you should do, from internet marketers and people who have done it all before, in our monthly Virtual Board Room Meetings.
  • Meet and Mingle in our Virtual Cocktail Parties!
  • Build relationships, tell your story and learn from others in our Private Members–Only Forum!
  • Find and create money making Joint Venture Opportunities.
  • Take free Trainings about how to better use JV’s for your business or niche.
  • Gain exposure, publicity, recognition and credibility by working with others.
  • Get JV partner matches delivered right to your door (email inbox) of people wanted to work with you.
  • Surround yourself with talented, amazing good-hearted people, so even if you work in a home office by yourself, you have powerful allies around the world at your finger tips.
  • Finally build your business, with the free help of other entrepreneurs and professionals who care about you and what you offer the world.

Course Format: The trainings & modules are in audio or video recording format, along with notes & templates – so you can learn on your own schedule.

BigU Events for a complete life transformation

At the BigU events you will acquire mindset that leads to success, prosperity, abundance and wealth. You will learn how to liberate against negativity, doubt, suspicion, and how to free yourself of all restrictions that keeps you where you are currently. All in a fun and useful way. In addition, you will build an invaluable network of friends and mentors who will help you succeed.

Get the BigU Academy Master Certificate


To acquire the BigU Academy Master Certificate you have to have completed the programs and acquired the following certificates:

    • BigU Life System Certification e-Course
    • BigU Breakthrough Conference
    • BigU Global Entrepreneurship Conference
    • BigU Inner Circle Coaching Cruise

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